Supportive Housing

Through our Supportive Housing focus area, our goal is to strengthen the provision of health and wellness services for individuals and families in affordable, permanent supportive, and transitional housing in order to contribute to residents’ health and well-being.

The Challenge:

  • Stable housing is a key driver of health, but many residents face housing insecurity. 
  • Supportive housing provides residents the opportunity to remain stably housed in their community. 
  • 2021 data shows that in Santa Clara and Northern San Benito counties, 16% of residents were impacted by severe housing costs, spending 50% or more on rent/mortgage. 
  • In addition, 23% and 22% of Santa Clara County and San Benito County residents, respectively, have experienced severe housing problems, including overcrowding, lack of access to a kitchen, or plumbing issues.

Supportive Housing Funding Priorities

Many residents in our community face difficult decisions of choosing between paying rent or supporting other critical basic health needs. Ʒ¥ strives to reduce the pressures of making those difficult choices by investing in services that promote health and well-being for residents at risk of homelessness. We support organizations, programs, and projects working towards this goal through the following Funding Priorities:

  • Support affordable housing organizations through infrastructure, capacity-building support, and system-level change investment to amplify health and wellness services for residents.
  • Support health-specific programs implemented at affordable housing sites, including case management, nutritious food programs, and behavioral health support.
  • Invest in policy advocacy efforts that result in stronger health-related services and supports for residents in affordable and supportive housing.